Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkins and Halloween

This is that time of year.   Have you all gotten your pumpkins yet?   I remember the first time we carved pumpkins with my son, he did not like to touch the stuff inside.  So from then on every year we just painted our pumpkins or dressed them up.

Take a little break from your regular studies this week and do a pumpkin unit study.  At http://www.hshighlights.com/ we have a pumpkin fun unit.  There is a pumpkin puzzler, matching, fill in blank with opposites, dot to dot, unscramble, how to make pumpkin pancakes and lots of fun things.
Make sure to take a trip to a pumpkin patch, but you may find prices at your local grocery cheaper.  Take lots of pictures, cook pumpkin pie and make pumpkin seeds, or buy some.  
We also offer several halloween units as well.  

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