Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is here...unit studies

Wow, Fall began on September 22.  Sometimes living in Texas we don't see the seasons change as drastically as they do up north so The Highlights of Homeschooling often forgets to get in gear for it.  But this year we remembered and have listed several of our fall units on the front page of our site at http://www.hshighlights.com/    

When you want to incorporate a Unit Study in your lessons, we suggest that you pick a subject of theme.  For example, Fall is a big theme.  Select something more like Leaves, or Trees that change colors.   
1. Now, go to the library and get out books that you can read to the kids, or that they can read (all that represent the subject).
2. Look for dvd's that might also have similiar themes.
3. Choose a unit study to go along with the theme.   You have many choices at http://www.hshighlights.com/   but I also recomment http://www.currclick.com/.    
4. Gather photos, or other physical items you can use to show your students real life objects for the study, such as
    different leaves from different types of trees etc.   If you live in Texas, then get photos of trees from up north that your kids would not otherwise get to see.

5. Take field trips that may enhance the study.  For example, in Texas there is a place called Lost Maples.  This is about the only place in Texas you would see Maple trees from up north.    (be aware though that you can't take home leaves etc.)

Now, look over your unit study, print out the pages that you want to use and then during one part of your day, utilize this unit study.    A subject can be done in a week or extended several weeks.   Kids will get bored if it's too long.

So, if you are doing leaves right now...in a few weeks....think pumpkins.....
See the Leaves unit at http://www.hshighlights.com/ and get busy before the changing leaves are all gone.

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